Name: Lessa
Location: Kenai, Alaska
Age: Older than all of you - let's not talk about it, ok? Smile
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Occupation: Office Bitch at Walmart, Owner of Selfie-Snap PhotoBooth Company
Gender: Female
Favorite WoD Game(s): WtA
RP Quirks: Probably too many to name. I don't think as/before I post, I post long, but quickly, I forget more than I remember, I tend to have a million characters on tap - but I'm limiting myself this time. Stop laughing. Oh, and I never make the first move - wanna play and I'm online? TOTALLY GRAB ME.
Things that will turn me into a gushing fanperson: Sherlock, Dr Who, many other geeky fandoms and crappy reality tv shoes. Smile Photography, Quirky little homes, interior design (mainly cuz my house looks like crap. *L*) and SHOES. SHEWS. OMG SHEWS.
Contact Info: email: moreorlessa[at]gmail[dot]com, AIM diTerces
Availability: fluid at the moment, but I will be back to work October 2, so evenings, and mostly only when my hubby (oh yeah - got married June 21,2014 Smile ) is at work. We'll play it by ear.

Want to know anything else? Ask! I'm an open book! And also - good to see you all. Smile
Name: Pip.
Location: Australia
Age: 30's.
Zodiac: Cancer.
Occupation: PA & Student.
Gender: Female.
Contact info: (email and AIM)
Favourite WoD Games: WtA. Mortals. Also enjoy VtM, 'Ling and Mage.
WoD Site background: Everywhere.
RP Quirks: I favour smaller scenes and character growth over combat. A good story wins every time. Storytelling over die-rolling any day.
Availability: Changes frequently. Check AIM - if I'm on, I'm usually available and open to random play requests.
Name: Chrise
Location: The UK
Age: Old enough to know better...
Zodiac Sign: I read somewhere that I'm a Metal Dog.

Occupation: A former civil servant and now retraining for marketing

Gender: I have been known to act in a lady like manner.

Favorite WoD Game(s): VtM, Ars Magica

RP Quirks: I guess I'll have to get used to writing in the present tense. Smile I enjoy social scenes and plots with a mystery. I wish I knew why, but many of my characters tend to enjoy dressing up in odd costumes, so that might feature here. I'm happy to learn from mistakes and enjoying meeting new characters and players.

Things that will turn me into a gushing fanperson: the space program, amazing feats of science, crows, Star Wars, excellent comic artists, the complexities of international relations and history.

Contact Info: my e-mail account is: hastingspub at

Availability: I'm in the UK so will be a little disconnected from schedules in the USA etc, but I have been known to wake up early and stay up late.
  • Name: Nappa, Ghost Nappa, Vegeta, Matt
  • Location: Clearwater, FL
  • Age: 27
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Occupation: Financial Consultant
  • Gender: Male
  • Favorite WoD Game(s): VtM
  • RP Quirks: The more labyrinthian the plot the better.
  • Things that will turn me into a gushing fanperson: Most fantasy books, deadpool, lots of tabletop stuff, the perfectly made plate of french fries...I move from MMORPG to MMORPG but I do love them

  • Contact Info: Skype is Lorne734, aim...I think its linked with my email
  • Availability: I am open from 6:00PM-12:00AM EST weekdays (later on Friday).  Saturday all day and Sunday only earlier in the day.
  • Name: Court(ney)
  • Age: Upper 30s
  • Sign: Gemini/Goat
  • Occupation: Mom.  Sometimes waiter.  Sometimes retail slave.
  • Availability: Pretty much only during the weekday, EST.
  • Favorite Games: (WoD) Changeling, Mage, Werewolf, in that order (Other) The Strange, Little Fears, Amber
  • Gender: Female.  Character-wise, I do what I want.
  • Fangirl triggers: Music of most genres.  Hamilton.  History.  Good writing.  Garden stuff, though I have a black thumb.  Mythology.  Fairytales, the closer to original the better.  So many things - it kind of depends on the day.
  • Contact Info: AIM is in my profile.
  • Quirks: I don't often ask people to play, but if I'm around chances are good I'm into it.  Sometimes I get a bit method-y!  So if our characters are on bad terms and I start acting weird, tell me to calm the fuck down.
I think that's about it!  But most of you know me pretty well by now.

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