The Center of the Universe [SL Thread]
Now that I've heard back from everyone, these are the groups you guys will be placed in:

Group A

Group B

And now for next week's schedule:

Friday the 30th at 5pm site time
Group B (both of you at first, but the majority of this scene will be Sid)

Saturday the 31st at 7pm site time

Sunday the 1st at 6pm site time
Reserved in case either scene gets paused, or if anyone wants to get a second scene in.

If anyone can't make the scheduled scenes, let me know and I will tweak the schedule accordingly.

Group A, you will be starting on Thursday the following week. In the meantime, keep an eye out for news and updates. Smile
And lo, another week of scenes approaches.

Thursday, June 5th at 5pm site time
Group A
(This one should not go too late.)

Friday, June 6th at 6pm site time
Group A

Saturday, June 7th at 7pm site time.
Group B

Sunday, June 8th at 6pm site time.
Group A - continuing from a very likely pause in Friday's scene.
(This one will also not go too late.)

As you can see, Group A has a lot of stuff coming up. If any of you guys (in either group) cannot make the days or times scheduled, let me know.

Group A Folks: Your first scene is going to involve investigating the club that was mentioned in that news post I made (Infinity.) If you think your character needs some motivation to be there, let me know. Lena I figure could have heard about it via her work, as it's pretty likely the owners would have tried to book her to DJ there before the place closed. And of course Grace will probably notice if Kalen goes missing. Patience could perhaps tag along with one of the others, but if she'd have her own reason to be there, all the better.
6/9 - 6/15 Scene Schedule:

Thursday the 12th at 6pm site time
This slot is being set aside for personal RP time for me. Anyone from group B who wants to snag a scene, I will totes be around. Smile

Friday the 13th (oh snap it's Friday the 13th!) at 6pm site time
Group A

Saturday the 14th at 7pm site time
Group B

Sunday the 15th at 7pm site time
Group A*
6/16 - 6/22 Scene Schedule:

Thursday the 19th at 6pm site time
Group A (unpause!)

Friday the 20th at 6pm site time

Saturday the 21st at 7pm site time

Sunday the 22nd at 6pm site time
Group A

As always, let me know if any of these are less than convenient for you. Days can be swapped pretty easily.
I just wanted to direct everyone's attention to the revised schedule posted above. Niko had weekend conflicts so I swapped Friday and Sunday's scenes. Those of you in group A, let me know if Sunday is a problem for you. (Thursday's scene is still on as scheduled.)
6/23 - 6/29 Scene Schedule:

Thursday the 26th at 6pm site time

Friday the 27th at 6pm site time

Sunday the 29th at 6pm site time

All of these are for you guys in group A (because group B is totally done.)

As usual, let me know if there are any scheduling conflicts! I can easily switch a scene to Saturday, but I know at least one (maybe 2?) of you aren't usually around then.
We're coming up on the conclusion this week, you guys! (Ee!)

The finale is going to be split into two scenes. Ideally, I'd like to run these on Thursday and Friday, but I just looked at the calender and realized that Friday is totally the 4th. And you two probably have lives and plans and such. I do have a thing I was supposed to do on Sunday, but I may be able to swap that to a different day if Friday and Saturday end up not being workable. (Saturday would also be fine, but I know that's generally not a good day for you all.)

So! Noel and Shayla. Of the days between Thursday and Sunday, which two evenings would be best for you?
Saturday I have a cookout thing. It might be over in time, but I can't say for sure. Friday, I might be out watching fireworks, yeah. So Thursday and Sunday are about the only days I can honestly say are free :/
Alright, I have fixed my schedule, so we shall have scenes on Thursday and Sunday. More specifically:

Thursday, July 3rd at 6pm site time


Sunday, July 6th at 6pm site time

Thursday's scene will probably run longer than Sunday's scene, though neither of them should go too late. As a rough estimate, I expect Thursday to wrap up some time around 11pm site time. Sunday will likely be more like 10pm site time.

If those days or time slots don't work for you Shay, let me know ASAP. Worst-case scenario, I can combine them into one scene, though that will mean the scene runs later and we'll be more rushed to get through it.

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